1. Arenadata and Polymatica become partners

    Arenadata and Polymatica signed a cooperation agreement that will combine the Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) for data storage and acquisition and the Polymatica analytical platform to launch a joint solution.

  2. Arenadata releases Hadoop 3 distribution package

    Arenadata has presented Arenadata Hadoop 2.1, a new version of the Arenadata Hadoop (ADH) distributed storage platform distribution package complete with such components as Hadoop 3, Spark 2, Hive 3, YARN 3, HBase 2 and Phoenix 5.

  3. Arenadata experts will be the speakers of a lecture course on working with data “Rostelecom. DataTalks”

    Students learn about database trends, MPP systems and new approaches to Big Data processing

  4. We invite you to meetup “Open-source in Enterprise: is it fantastic?”

    Arenadata together with Rostelecom will hold a meetup dedicated to the use of Open-source technologies in corporations and large government organizations

  5. Sergey Zolotarev spoke about the development of Big Data technologies to the leading IT-media in Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan reaches new heights in Big Data

  6. Arenadata migrated Touch Bank DBMS from Pivotal Greenplum to ADB

    The transition to ADB helped Touch Bank to significantly reduce the TCO of the analytical DBMS. After migration to the ADB database, the bank retained the level of reliability and availability of the service, which was fixed during the cooperation with the Pivotal company, during its stay in the Russian market

  7. Arenadata experts helped IQ Option significantly increase DBMS performance

    Arenadata consultants have extensive expertise in building data platforms. This helped them to optimize the IQ Option cluster and adjust its architecture to the load model, to refine the data storage model. Due to this, it was possible to speed up the processing of individual requests by 9-10 times

  8. On the forum Informatica Day 2018 Arenadata and DIS Group have announced cooperation

    DIS Group, a master distributor of Informatica solutions in Russia and the CIS, and Arenadata, a Russian developer of a multi-purpose data platform, announced the signing of a bilateral agreement on technology cooperation. The statement was made on May 30 at the press conference of the forum “Data is the basis of digital transformation. Informatica Day 2018”

  9. Arenadata experts talked about universal data platforms on the Big Data 2018 Forum

    The Arenadata project acted as the partner of the tenth Big Data Forum 2018 organized by Open Systems Publishing House

  10. Presentation of Dmitry Pavlov on PGday Israel

    The Arenadata team are active members of the open source community. Our experts act as speakers not only at events in Russia, but also at topical conferences abroad

  11. Analytics in distributed systems. Meetup #2

    On February 21, IBS office held a meetup on “Analytics in distributed systems”

  12. We train Greenplum

    An announcement by Dmitry Pavlov at the Russian PostgreSQL conference “PGConf.Russia 2018”, February 05 - 07

  13. Problems and prospects of the financial data market. Big personal data

    Panel discussion with Sergey Zolotarev on the FINOPOLIS 2017 Forum

  14. Habrahabr – Greenplum 5: first steps in Open Source

    The website Habrahabr published an article by Dmitry Pavlov "Greenplum 5: first steps in Open Source"

  15. What's new in Hadoop 3.0, Greenplum 5.0, Hive2. The results and materials of our first meet up

    On November 22, the Moscow office of the IBS hosted a meetup on the topic "What's new in Hadoop 3.0, Greenplum 5.0, Hive2"

  16. Greenplum 5.0 – on the wave of Open Source

    On November 29, we took part in the conference "Database Technology 2017", organized by the publishing house "Open systems"

  17. Arenadata DB – new distributed DBMS providing the highest level of performance and reliability

    Arenadata DB (ADB) is a distributed DBMS that uses the concept of MPP (massively parallel processing) and is based on an open source database – Greenplum

  18. ArenaData took part in the GoTech forum

    Sergey Zolotarev moderated the panel discussion "Will Open Source become the dominant business model?"

  19. Overview of the first Russian distribution Hadoop

    Victor Borodaenko and Alexander Ermakov presented an overview of the first Russian distribution Hadoop, its functional composition and development prospects in the journal "Open systems" in the article "Universal platform for big data processing"

  20. Hadoop for digital transformation

    Three years ago Sergey Zolotarev, head of the Pivotal representative office in Russia and the CIS, at the forum "BIG DATA 2014" talked about the importance of being able to add Hadoop to the real corporate IT-environments