What's new in Hadoop 3.0, Greenplum 5.0, Hive2. The results and materials of our first meet up

On November 22, the Moscow office of the IBS hosted a meetup on the topic "What's new in Hadoop 3.0, Greenplum 5.0, Hive2". Speakers and guests discussed new opportunity of containerization, replication and management of cluster resources in Hadoop 3.0, the pros and cons of distributed systems. Experts told about the new mechanism of integration of Greenplum 5.0 with Hadoop clusters, about LLAP in Hive2, shared their experience and fresh cases.

Speakers – employees of Arenadata are Dmitry Pavlov, Alexander Ermakov and Alexander Ryndin, and the architect of GridGain is Sergey Puchnin.

Hadoop 3.0

When distributed systems become DBMS

Hive2 – Hive with speed of resident computations

Greenplum: plum and elephant, or Greenplum and Hadoop friendship in a new way