Arenadata Analytic Workspace

Аналитическая платформа с открытым кодом

New product Analytic Workspace (AAW) developed by Arenadata allows you to quickly deploy from scratch the minimum set of software needed to start using Apache Zeppelin’s Self-Service DataScience/BI and conduct initial training for working with the service for analysts and administrators.

Visualization of the results of the SQL query
Visualization of the results of the SQL query

The Self-Service DataScience/BI approach allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce data delivery and preparation time for analysts;
  • Consolidate data, code and visualization in one system;
  • Complement the capabilities of traditional BI systems with machine learning algorithms, the ability to process big data in external clusters, etc.;
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining the hardware and software analytical infrastructure;
  • Reduce the threshold of entry for the analyst to work with data;
  • Get away from vendor lock-in of traditional DataScience/BI systems;
  • Protect data, code and visualization from unauthorized access.

Scheduled tasks
Scheduled tasks

The composition of the product Arenadata Analytic Workspace includes

1. Packaged software

  • Apache Zeppelin 0.7.3 – the component is responsible for visualizing the results of calculations, provides the convenience of writing program code and the possibility of collaborative work of several specialists with one piece of code. Uses the approach of laptops – separate blocks of code containing the code and the results of its execution;
  • Python 3.6.4 – distribution kit of the Python language version 3.6.4;
  • A set of necessary user libraries for processing and loading data, machine learning, visualization of results and so on. A total of 495 packages are supplied (see Documentation for a list of Python libraries and their versions).

2. User documentation

Includes detailed documentation and user guide for AAW.

3. Training on the main features of the product

The training includes a two-hour master class on basic AAW features and its effective use. The training is carried out as follows:

  • remotely via conferencing;
  • at the customer on condition of its location in Moscow;
  • at the performer in the training center.

4. Technical support throughout the year