Arenadata Streaming

Analytical platform with open source

Arenadata Streaming (ADS) is an efficient, scalable, fault-tolerant solution for streaming data processing in real-time, adapted for corporate use and built on the basis of Apache Kafka and Apache Nifi – open source projects.

One of the features of the implementation of the platform is the use of technology, similar to the transaction logs used in database management systems.

A streaming platform has three key capabilities:

  • Publish and subscribe to streams of records, similar to a message queue or enterprise messaging system;
  • Store streams of records in a fault-tolerant durable way;
  • Process streams of records as they occur.

ADS is generally used for two broad classes of applications:

  • Building real-time streaming data pipelines that reliably get data between systems or applications;
  • Building real-time streaming applications that transform or react to the streams of data.

Functional of Arenadata Streaming

Main advantages

Single access point:

  • Use as a corporate data bus for all your applications.

Easy, safe and reliable way to control data flow:

  • Collect large data streams safely and efficiently manage them in real-time. Security policy.
  • Create data streams that support differentiated access rights to them.

Fast and continuous development:

  • Develop streaming analytic applications in minutes in real-time without a single line of code.

ADS contains all the necessary components for collecting, analyzing and processing data in real-time, provides storage and transmission in the semantics of “exactly-once delivery” in a safe and fault-tolerant way, providing a convenient interface for administration and development.

Technical features

Fault tolerance:

  • The solution architecture provides consistency for streaming data in real-time.


  • Add new servers to the cluster as needed.


  • Ability to build geo-distributed infrastructure.

Available equipment:

  • Works on any x86-compatible hardware. Get recommended system requirements from our experts.


  • Flow control, adding and configuring real-time data sources.


  • Flexible data access control mechanisms.


  • Connectors to different systems: Elasticsearch, SAP HANA, Vertica, Couchbase, Cassandra, CouchDB, IBM MQ, etc. A wide range of APIs for integration with other external systems.

Simplicity and flexibility:

  • Allows you to create workflow using a graphical interface or develop your own applications using the SDK to improve work efficiency.