Arenadata DB

Massively Parallel Processing Database

Arenadata DB (ADB) is a distributed database based on using MPP (massively parallel processing) principle. It takes its origin from Pivotal’s Greenplum database.

ADB suits applications, where there is a large amount of semi-structured and unstructured data that needs to be stored and analyzed. Using processing power of multiple servers (from two to hundreds), front-end query optimizer and flexible data backup system, ADB allows unprecedented level of performance and reliability.

ADB stores and processes large amounts of data, splitting the load between different logical segments. Every cluster segment is a separate PostgreSQL database, synchronized with other segments in the cluster. The segment that co-ordinates the operation of the database is a separate PostgreSQL server called master. This allows ADB to work with almost all applications and systems originally designed for PostgreSQL. Such wide compatibility means that clients can easily migrate from another analytical database, yet keep using some of the tools they used before.

Flexible backup system allows to set up a cluster with pre-determined level of fault tolerance, what allows ADB to work even when half of servers are out of operation.

A large number of possible data storage options gives possibilities to handle data at different times of its life cycle: from receiving online data and storing data with different compression levels to exporting data to Hadoop cluster for archival purposes.

ADB comes with a full package of necessary administrative resources for monitoring, analytics and autonomous control.

Built on Greenplum core, that has proven itself as an invaluable resource for high load projects all around the globe, ADB uses the accumulated experience and knowledge of Arenadata team to deliver the best analytical database on the market.