Arenadata Hadoop

Apache Hadoop Distribution

Arenadata Hadoop is the enterprise ready hadoop distribution based on Open Data Platform Specification (ODPi). ADH includes all necessary services for data processing and storage.

Currently, we have introduced the first product Arenadata Hadoop (ADH), aimed at handling semi-structured and unstructured data. This is a full distribution platform based on Apache Hadoop, adapted for corporate use.

In 2016 Arenadata Hadoop 1.3.2 has been certified to fully conform with the ODPI (Open Data Platform initiative) standard. ODPI is known as the largest community of big data open source developers under Linux Foundation: more info.

The current release of version 1.6.1 came out in the fourth quarter of 2018. The contents and description of the distribution platform can be found under the following link.

Contrary to other similar products on the market, Arenadata has the following advantages:

  • support and expertise available in Russian language
  • full software package for offline installation and operation
  • assembly completed based on Apache open source products, without proprietary software
  • Russian software
  • both on-site and distance support available
  • multiple default packages available for installation, operation and system audition

Arenadata Hadoop provides a full set of tools for autonomous installation on physical, as well as virtual machines. The software used for monitoring and administration helps to optimize performance on all of system’s components. Apache Ambari provides the necessary interfaces required for integration with current administrative systems, like Microsoft System Center and Teradata ViewPoint.

screen ADH

Original documentation in Russian simplifies the process of planning and installation of Hadoop cluster.