Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform

Single platform to handle Big Data complexity

Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) enables native integration of services and components, centralized monitoring, and cluster management.
Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) is an Open Source based solution easy to install, configure, manage, and use that can handle any workload and process large data volumes in any environment, including public and private clouds.

Digital Company Platform

Arenadata EDP provides technology basis for a modern digital enterprise, helping implement relevant data management scenarios. Arenadata cooperates with the largest companies across different sectors, thus increasing its expertise and offering customers advanced methodologies for a smart digital enterprise.

Typical use cases

Large enterprise data storages
Alternative to expensive engineering systems
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Data Lakes and Data Factories
Large enterprise data storages
  • Traditional enterprise data storages and large data warehouses being updated in real and near-real time
  • Data virtualization and federation, single point of access to all data (SQL queries)
Alternative to expensive engineering systems
  • Moving to domestic hardware and software complexes powered by open-source-based massively parallel Arenadata DB and Arenadata QuickMarts
  • Transparent migration approach and minimum risks while retaining all benefits
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Support of R, Python, and Madlib, including CUDA-enabled computing on GPU
  • Spark-based distributed ML
  • Effective model operation in SQL environment using Madlib built-in functions
Data Lakes and Data Factories
  • Single hub for all company data
  • Fast deployment and configuring of sandboxes for pilot projects and statistical hypothesis checks
  • All analytical tools accessible in unified environment

Why Arenadata EDP

Implementation of the most demanded business scenarios
Storage of all types of data: structured, semi-structured, unstructured and any type of load: OLAP, OLTP, Streaming
Single management and monitoring system for the entire platform
Support of Multi-clouds, a hybrid platform for both on-premise and cloud deployments
Simple integration with external systems
Custom component for each load type
High performance thanks to linear scaling and cluster technology
Native fault tolerance of all components

Arenadata EDP vs. Open Source Builds

Each added Open Source component is already adapted to the unified Enterprise Data Platform.


Mature data ecosystem with unified monitoring and management across all platform clusters
Modular structure and replaceable components for streamlined integration into existing landscape
Components for any tasks
Single entry point for all SQL queries thanks to native data virtualization and parallel pushdown optimization across all storage components
Truly END-TO-END solution
Code analysis
Integration with monitoring module
Fault-tolerance checks
Recruitment of competent support personnel
Further development of parallel integration capabilities
Many other checks and improvements

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