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We are happy to assist at every stage of your Big Data strategy

Gain a competitive advantage with 24/7 enterprise support guaranteed by our competent distributed support team.

Customer Support

Customer support services

Vendor support
DBA as a service

24×7 support for high-load critical systems and 8×5, for other systems

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  • SLA-guaranteed service time
  • Prompt diagnostics and problem localization
  • Failure recovery
  • Functionality consultations
  • Delivery of updates and installation assistance
  • Knowledge base for the entire product portfolio
  • Portal for users to make requests and track their progress

24×7 administration of high-load critical AD Database systems

  • SLA-guaranteed incident processing and resolution time
  • Administration
  • Backup and recovery
  • Proactive availability monitoring
  • Scheduled maintenance

Typical tasks covered:

  • DBMS lock monitoring and release
  • Cluster segment recovery
  • Backup management and control
  • User creation and granting access rights
  • Resource management
  • Cluster monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Cluster software updates
  • Cluster reconfiguring upon request

Why Arenadata support

Troubleshooting excellence
We support dozens of customers and know how to solve virtually all product-related problems you may face
Performance monitoring
Our product management system has its own monitoring engine
Strict SLA
Guaranteed by our competent distributed support team and annexed to a partnership agreement
Effective diagnostics
Our approach helps quickly detect problems and errors, with an automated diagnostics system being now under way
Quick bug fix
We develop updates that solve your specific problems and apply patches directly to a product code
Knowledge base
Constantly updated with successful troubleshooting cases to ensure quick solution to any problem
Customer notifications
Our system alerts customers to any failure or critical event
Говорим на русском и английском
Поддержка и документация на русском и английском языках.

Customer support in figures

requests per year
average SLA compliance (by first response time)
product commitments by support team
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Arenadata support includes:

Remote incident resolution Webex, SSH, by phone
Current knowledge base
Customer support portal
All updates
Troubleshooting installation and configuration issues
Diagnostics of cluster management problems
Troubleshooting performance issues
Troubleshooting problems with loading, processing, and querying data

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24×7 support

Being distributed across several time zones, our specialists provide technical support in Moscow, Khabarovsk, St. Petersburg, and Almaty.

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