Arenadata Hadoop

Enterprise Data Storage for Advanced Analytics

Arenadata Hadoop (ADH) is a full-fledged enterprise distribution package based on Apache Hadoop and designed for storing and processing semi-structured and unstructured data.

A wide variety of data storage use cases

Big Data is a must-have for companies striving to improve customer service, upgrade and create business processes, enhance financial performance, and outrun competitors. It is impossible to turn all these ambitions into reality without a reliable solution designed to store, enrich, and process data coming from multiple sources.

Own delpoy and monitoring system

ADH distribution package includes current versions of the most popular tools, some of which have been significantly improved to minimize software errors and ensure the most complete functionality and seamless integration of components. Arenadata Hadoop features Arenadata Cluster Manager that is used to deploy, monitor and manage Hadoop services both on premise and in the cloud.

Why Arenadata Hadoop

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Utility package for completely offline installation
Arenadata Hadoop provides a complete set of capabilities and tools for automatic installation and configuration of components on both bare metal and virtual machines (in the cloud), while its cluster configuration monitoring and management tools optimize the performance of all system components.
Delpoy and monitoring system
We provide Arenadata Cluster Manager – an Open Source system for automatic deployment and management. It is a Multi-cloud system, and can be deployed on any existing infrastructure, including public clouds.
Open Source Apache powered build
ADH is a completely open source distribution package, relieving customers from vendor lock-in and also supporting legacy services, such as Flume, Sqoop, Pig, and Mahout.
A set of typical system planning, installation, and auditing service bundles
You no longer need to assess any equipment required to address specific tasks. Our specialists will set up Arenadata Hadoop (remotely or on-site) and will subsequently perform system audit and help you plan steps to solve any problems you may have.
The ability to influence the roadmap
If we have built relationships with the customer, and we see that he needs additional services to solve business problems, we can add them to our ecosystem and take them on support as a full-fledged component of the platform. Examples for us are Apache Flink, Zeppelin, and Solr.
Original documentation will streamline Hadoop cluster planning, installation, and setup.

You can keep open source Hadoop

After purchasing Hortonworks, Cloudera decided to stop supporting Apache Ambari, a free Hadoop cluster management system, and replace it with commercial product Cloudera Data Platform.

But what if you want to stay with open source Hadoop? You can either use the current free version still supported by some enthusiasts or migrate to Cloudera’s proprietary management system.

Arenadata offers the third option! We have developed Arenadata Cluster Manager, a universal hybrid landscape orchestrator that helps deploy and manage Hadoop services both on premise and in the cloud. We have already gained experience in migrating customers from Hortonworks to Arenadata. We will be happy to discuss our migration methodology with you!

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Arenadata Hadoop in Multi-cloud

Our customers are free to deploy ADH on bare metal, in cloud, hybrid IT infrastructure (popular option today), multi-clouds, or even distributed infrastructures with good connectivity.

Solution cost and licensing

The cost of a temporary ADH license (including technical support) depends on the number of physical cores, cluster type (prod, test), and required SLA (24х7, 8х5).

In addition, you can choose to go for technical support alone as part of Community package, a permanent license with technical support, or a post-license annual technical support as part of Enterprise package.

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Arenadata Hadoop Roadmap

Arenadata Hadoop roadmap

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