Arenadata QuickMarts

Super-fast Analytics for Business

If you need to promptly analyze large data volumes while also reducing the load of your data storage system, Arenadata QuickMarts (ADQM) is a perfect solution for you.

Cluster column-oriented DBMS

Arenadata QuickMarts (ADQM) is a cluster column-oriented DBMS built on ClickHouse to generate various online analytical reports based on vast amounts of information stored in flat marts. ADQM generates various online analytical reports based on vast amounts of information stored in flat marts. ADQM is dramatically faster than traditional DBMSs.

Why Arenadata QuickMarts?

Arenadata QuickMarts can be easily installed from Arenadata Cluster Manager, it comes with corporate support and training courses and is a part of Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP).

ADCM supports:

  • User authorization
  • Access management
  • High Availability access
  • ORC format
  • Integration with Kerberos Hadoop

Arenadata QuickMarts Architechture

What makes ADQM different from basic ClickHouse
Tkhemali connector for ADB/Greenplum
Monitoring software included
What makes ADQM different from basic ClickHouse

What makes ADQM different from basic ClickHouse

  • Ease of installation and setup from Arenadata Cluster Manager
  • Native integration with Arenadata DB, Hadoop, and Streaming within a single Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP)
  • Load balancing and database access management using Arenadata Baje
  • User authorization, including Kerberos Hadoop integration support
  • Graphite and Grafana powered monitoring
  • Additional testing and release quality assurance
  • Corporate technical support
  • Prompt functionality improvement and development upon customer’s demand
Tkhemali connector for ADB/Greenplum

Tkhemali connector for ADB/Greenplum

Tkhemali connector, being part of Arenadata DB Enterprise Edition, allows for parallel and transactional integration of Arenadata QuickMarts and Arenadata DB, promptly moving tables from ADB to ADQM.

Tkhemali connector simultaneously provides thousands or even tens of thousands of ADQM users with data from ADB marts.

Benefits of Tkhemali connector:

  • No bottlenecks thanks to parallel cluster integration
  • Platform Extension Framework (PXF) batch union reduces the number of data streams, as they do not depend on the number of segments
  • The number of inserts may be reduced at any time in line with ClickHouse load
  • Transactional insert from Greenplum into ClickHouse
Monitoring software included

Monitoring software included

Understanding the importance of 24/7 data availability, we added Graphite and Grafana monitoring tools for administrators to enjoy cluster visibility at any time and prevent most incidents thanks to system alerts.

Arenadata Baje proxy server helps balance load and manage database access by analysts, while also supporting integration with LDAP.

Where ADQM is used How to use ADQM

Where ADQM is used

  • Web and mobile app analytics
  • Advertising and real-time bidding (RTB)
  • Telecom
  • Information security
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Banking and financial transactions
  • Monitoring of technical and business metrics
  • Online games
  • Internet of Things

How to use ADQM

  • In combination with Arenadata DB / Greenplum
  • Analytics over structured logs and events
  • Quick marts
  • Distributed computing for business and science
  • Server log analysis

Breathtaking speed

Optimized data storage and C++ vector processing make for super-fast analytical query execution. Following the results of DBMS performance comparison, Arenadata QuickMarts executes key analytical queries five times faster than other solutions currently available on the Russian market. Ask for details

Handling tables

ADQM’s MergeTree engine ensures:

  • Non-blocking read and write
  • Millions of entries inserted per second
  • Data partitioning and replication
  • Data sampling
  • Creating tables and databases at runtime
  • Executing queries with no server reconfiguration or restart.

Arenadata QuickMarts support

Arenadata provides three lines of support for Arenadata QuickMarts users.

First line (Arenadata):
  • Request receipt
  • Request prioritization
  • Solving simple problems
  • Knowledge base updating
Second line (Arenadata):
  • Complicated problems, adding new functionality
  • Consulting
Third line (Yandex):
  • Bug fix
  • Core-level product improvements

Arenadata QuickMarts in Multi-cloud

Our customers are free to deploy ADQM on bare metal, in cloud, hybrid IT infrastructure, multi-clouds, or even distributed infrastructures with good connectivity.

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