Arenadata Streaming

Easy Processing of Huge Data Amounts

Arenadata Streaming (ADS) is a scalable, fault-tolerant solution for real-time streaming data processing, adapted for enterprise and built on Apache Kafka and Apache Nifi.

Continuous huge data exchange

High-load enterprise systems handle enormous data flows, like millions of incoming messages per minute. To cope with such a huge volume, a company needs to arrange a non-stop and fault-tolerant data exchange between required applications and prevent any data loss. Arenadata Streaming effectively solves enterprise data bus tasks, including receipt and processing of data from multiple external systems, data storage for the required period of time, and data return to consumers at a load that is convenient to them.

Arenadata Streaming helps:

  • Build real-time streaming data pipelines for reliable data transfer between systems or apps
  • Build real-time streaming apps for data stream transformation or response
  • Enable fault-tolerant and long-term storage of record streams
ADS is built on Apache Kafka and Apache NiFi and combines the advantages of two system types, ensuring
  • Real-time stream processing of large data volumes
  • Data receipt from various sources
  • Single entry point for all of your data

Arenadata Streaming Architecture

Why Arenadata Streaming

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Arenadata Streaming is easy to master as it does not require highly competent administrators.
Data storage period of your choice
Unlike other message brokers that delete information immediately after it has been delivered, ADS allows you to choose the data storage period you need. Arenadata has completed a wide range of different projects: some of our customers analyze website user activity and keep data for one or two minutes, while others need to access data via Arenadata Streaming for a few months.
ADS is a universal tool to address real-time streaming data processing challenges.
Any data formats
Arenadata Streaming accepts and effectively processes both structured and unstructured data and can handle hundreds of thousands of messages per minute.
System flexibility and scalability help it grow along with your needs, adapting to current tasks. Thus, you can always add/remove servers to/from the cluster without stopping the system.
Minimum risk of data loss
While other message brokers only store information until it is requested by users, ADS makes information available during the entire storage period specified, even if data is taken away at some point. Moreover, multiple systems can access data simultaneously and ADS allows for data rereading if any problem occurs in target systems.
Configuration flexibility
ADS may be configured to ensure either high availability (when data consistency is not crucial) or consistent data storage. Moreover, ADS guarantees exactly-once delivery semantics, when each message and delivery order are critical to business.
The system supports creating data streams with access management preventing unauthorized access to business-critical information.
Load balancing
ADS unites consumers into groups, so that several of them can read data from the same topic, quickly and simultaneously. Consumers do not reread data that have been already read by one of their group members, because data stored in topics are distributed across partitions to improve system performance. If one or several consumers stop working then other group members will receive their partitions.
A wide range of APIs for integration with other third-party systems.

Arenadata Streaming in Multi-cloud

Our customers are free to deploy ADS on bare metal, in cloud, heterogeneous IT infrastructure (popular option today), multi-clouds, or even distributed infrastructures with good connectivity.

Arenadata Streaming Roadmap

Arenadata Streaming roadmap

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