Smart Start

For Prompt and Risk-free Data Platform Deployment

This service package covers Arenadata EDP deployment, configuring, management, and operation; integration of our products into your data infrastructure; hands-on training for administrators; and some other less critical but useful activities.
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Scope of Smart Start:

Infrastructure recommendations: equipment sizing in line with customer’s tasks, OS configuring prerequisites and network requirements;

Dedicated infrastructure check: a compliance report describing possible risks in the event of partial compliance;

Installation of Arenadata EDP software products: fast and in a quality manner;

Performance check: testing the installed software products via typical requests and commands to then make a report on product performance; testing a sample data import from a source provided by the customer;

Cluster management: configuring the basic functionality of the cluster management and monitoring system;

Information security: configuring basic user roles and access rights;

Customer success:

  • Analytical tool connection assistance and consulting;
  • 16 man-hours of expert consultations on data handling;
  • Сluster maintenance workshop for administrators.

Service deliverables:

Configured data platform

Properly functioning Arenadata EDP software products configured by the vendor;

Certifying letter

A letter certifying that Arenadata EDP products are successfully commissioned and a relevant cluster (clusters) is/are ready to be accepted for maintenance.

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