Arenadata Cluster Manager

Prompt Data Platform Deployments

If you need to promptly deploy an Arenadata or third-party solution but do not have necessary resources, Arenadata Cluster Manager will help you. Just click a button in GUI or make an API request to install, configure, and update clusters, with all disk mounting and OS, service, and network configuring being done automatically. As a result, users get a monitoring stack ready for integration with corporate systems.

ADCM for Prompt Data Platform Deployments

Arenadata Cluster Manager (ADCM) is a universal hybrid landscape orchestrator that helps promptly install, configure, and manage all company’s data services. ADCM is most effective in heterogeneous infrastructures, where data services can be deployed in cloud, on premise, or on a PaaS basis.

With two logically independent layers (infrastructure and applications) inside, ADCM guarantees predictable, flexible, and repeatable operation.

Download ADCM
We are committed to the open source community development and this is why you can download Arenadata Cluster Manager and try it on your own.

Arenadata Cluster Manager Features

Wide potential
Arenadata Cluster Manager is a universal tool that can manage both Arenadata software (Hadoop, ADB, Streaming, QuickMarts, Grid) and customer’s third-party services.
High-quality deployment
Arenadata Cluster Manager installs software the way it was intended by vendors, thus eliminating human errors.
ADCM application functionality can be used to install, configure, update, manage, monitor, and integrate components.
Time saving
ADCM accelerates installation and setup of data landscape elements, business scenario testing, and hypothesis checking.
Modular structure
ADCM’s modular structure enables you to add any app and equipment management functionality as required and, given the open source format, even create your own modules for niche and proprietary apps.
Thanks to mature REST API, Arenadata Cluster Manager can be used by other systems to automate data platform operation.
ADCM is delivered as a docker image to simplify its installation, setup, and use.

Using virtual machines

Infrastructure functionality:

  • VM creation/deletion
  • Dealing with physical hosts
  • Preparing VMs/hosts
  • Monitoring
  • User management
  • Access management

Combining multiple cloud providers

Our customers are not limited to just one cloud provider. With ADCM, you can deploy any Arenadata EDP component on bare metal, in cloud, heterogeneous IT infrastructure (popular option today), or multiclouds.
You can even implement and enjoy ADCM in distributed infrastructures with good connectivity.

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