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A proven vendor opinion on the implementation project

We provide a proven vendor opinion on the implementation project, so that you can make the right architectural decision in a tricky situation either working with a contractor or helping your own team. If you have a contractor you trust, we can strengthen your team by working together to design and deploy the optimal architecture on time.
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Scope of service:

Task setting assistance We scrutinize and help translate every business requirement into a clear technical task.
Project and resource plan analysis We make sure that your project plan is complete and milestones are well-balanced in terms of labor intensity and duration, while highlighting any inconsistencies between expected labor costs and contractor’s resource plan.
Fair price check To check whether a contractor offers a fair price, we review labor cost calculations, compare expert evaluations against our experience, point out the risks missed by contractor and assess their impact on project duration.
Architecture design analysis We validate the architecture design proposed by a contractor, check it for bottlenecks, specify integration risks and highlight R&D-intensive areas.
Requirements specification analysis We review a requirements specification and share our considerations in the comments if no extra data is needed from a contractor to express our piece of advice.
Implementation support We answer questions about our technologies and advise both customer and contractor: how to properly configure software products; what aspects in key query tables to consider while distributing data across cluster nodes; which of Arenadata EDP software products suits better for a particular task; what approaches, functional schemes, and other design artifacts to opt for and why.
Architectural Control report As a result, we deliver a presentation covering all the above issues.

Architectural Control outcome and deliverables:

  • Strong project support, from start to finish, dealing with architectural, application and design issues
  • Vendor opinion on key project documents
  • Presentation of the architectural control results
  • Conclusion on whether activities specified in the table above comply with the best implementation practices.

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