Arenadata DB

Database that Grows as You Grow

Reliable and scalable enterprise data storage using massively parallel processing and built on Open Source Greenplum DBMS, keeping pace with your business growth. ADB is designed to store, process, and analyze large amounts of structured and semi-structured data.

Open Source massively parallel DBMS based on Greenplum

Arenadata DB (ADB) is a distributed analytical data storage built on Open Source massively parallel Greenplum DBMS and designed to store and process large data volumes (up to tens of petabytes). Arenadata DB will provide you with a reliable and scalable enterprise data storage keeping pace with your business growth.

Keep up with ever-changing world

ADB runs on a cluster of multiple servers (from two to hundreds) and evenly distributes load and data across them, so that a user can operate it as a simple non-cluster system without even knowing the number and type of servers in use.

Arenadata DB Architecture

Seg_N – segment, Mir_N – mirror segment
Arenadata DB will help companies thrive in the modern data-driven world, achieve the most ambitious goals, and embrace newly emerging opportunities.

Arenadata DB will take care of your business

ADB is an ideal tool for enterprise data warehousing (EDW), business intelligence, ad-hoc queries and enterprise-grade data science. As data amounts grow, you simply add new servers to the cluster, while ADB takes care of the rest.

ADB is the most effective for:

  • Complex queries that involve huge data volumes being processed and sophisticated analytical functions (including user behavior analytics)
  • Any types of reports (operating, management, regulatory)
  • Ad-hoc in-depth analysis
  • Effective joining of large tables
  • Marketing campaign and loyalty systems
  • Versatile scoring
  • Predictive analytics (demand, stock)

Arenadata DB is an ideal tool for:

Large enterprise data storages
Alternative to expensive engineering systems and proprietary DBMS
Enterprise analytics from BI to AI
Large enterprise data storages
  • Traditional enterprise data storages and large data warehouses being updated in real and near-real time.
  • Data virtualization and federation, access to all data via a single window (SQL queries).
Alternative to expensive engineering systems and proprietary DBMS
  • Moving to hardware and software complexes based on Open Source Arenadata DB and Arenadata QuickMarts with massively parallel processing.
  • Transparent migration approach, minimum risks with all benefits retained.
Enterprise analytics from BI to AI
  • Integration with any JDBC / ODBC compliant BI systems.
  • Ability to quickly deploy and collapse sandbox zones for pilot projects and statistical hypothesis testing.
  • Work with all analytical tools in a single environment.

Arenadata is a major contributor to Greenplum

Arenadata is among the largest contributors to the Greenplum Database Open Source community. In 2019, Arenadata became world’s second by commits after Pivotal, leaving behind even China’s giant Alibaba Group.

Why Arenadata DB

ADB is 100% compatible with all PostgreSQL-integrated software and features out-of-the-box support of your favorite BI solution, development tools, and ETL, with ANSI SQL:2008 standard being well known to a large number of developers worldwide.
The system is fully ACID-compliant, i.e. the same tables can be used for reading and writing, with no risk of data loss.
Enterprise-grade data science
To leverage data science, your company needs not only to write a proper code and make good models, but also integrate them, transparently and safely, into data loading and transformation processes. For this purpose, ADB offers MADlib library that incorporates model calculation and execution in existing ETL/ELT processes.
Simple management
ADB is as easy to administer as common PostgreSQL, while its advanced management console completes tasks faster and in a safer, more predictable manner.
Understanding the importance of 24/7 data availability, we added Graphite and Grafana monitoring tools for you to enjoy cluster visibility at any time and prevent most incidents thanks to system alerts.
A data processing system must support scaling of both computing resources and data download/upload channels. ADB has a set of connectors for parallel data downloading and uploading to/from third-party systems (Kafka, ClickHouse, Hadoop), thus streamlining integration with data sources and analytical systems.
ADB can be deployed in your data center, on virtual machines, in private and public clouds, with no vendor or hardware lock-in.

Integration with external data sources

Flexible and high performance data exchange with external systems is a must-have for an analytical DBMS. ADB features Platform eXtension Framework (PXF) protocol enabling all cluster segments to interact with an external system simultaneously. If a source system is also a cluster, the cluster interaction from both sides will improve the performance, with the interaction becoming faster as the clusters expand. The system supports integration with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SAP HANA etc., as well as Hadoop (HDFS, Hive, HBase), and S3.

Secure data with Arenadata DB

Data security

ADB uses SSL encryption for both data and server-client links throughout their lifecycle and may also employ it for all connections between its DBMS components (segment, mirrors, master hosts), while opting for PGP data encryption on cluster disks (in tables or table columns). These strong security measures help keep data encrypted at all times.

To manage data visibility and access, ADB uses role-based access control (RBAC) approach for setting flexible access management rules that may be changed at any time during the data platform operation. For example, you can restrict access to tables and other DBMS objects, as well as table rows and columns.

Flexible backup system enables cluster installation and configuring with preset fault tolerance level, allowing DBMS to operate even if half of cluster servers fail. Moreover, ADB offers a rich choice of data storage strategies ensuring necessary performance at all stages of data lifecycle, from the receipt of new online data, storage of main data with different levels of compression to import of archive data to Hadoop cluster.

Arenadata DB in Multi-cloud

Our customers are free to deploy ADB on bare metal, in cloud, hybrid IT infrastructure (popular option today), multi-clouds, or even distributed infrastructures with good connectivity.

On-premise ADB deployment

If you do not want to move to a cloud, you can benefit from Arenadata DB on your own servers:

Arenadata DB Community Edition (ADB CE):

Free download

Arenadata DB Enterprise Edition (ADB EE)

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