DBA as a service

DBAaaS provides non-stop support for your clusters, with no human errors

Each DBMS requires a qualified database administrator, with Arenadata offering its customers DBA as a Service (DBAaaS).
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Round-the-clock Service

You get ADB cluster support 24/7/365 with no interruption as in case of your own staff sick leave, weekend or vacation.

Highly Qualified Team

Behind our DBA as a Service are seasoned professionals only, who prepare regulations and arrange maintenance, monitoring, and backup control.

DBA as a Service for Arenadata DB covers:

Performance assurance;

Administration, backup and recovery;

Operation monitoring, 24×7 availability.


  • Reconfiguring, starting, and stopping services;
  • Update installation;
  • Fine-tuning to optimize cluster operation;
  • Creating, changing, and removing user settings and entities;
  • Data backup and recovery;
  • Access management;
  • Cluster resource management (computing capacity, disk space);
  • Scheduled maintenance;
  • Resolving operation-related incidents;
  • Problem analysis and diagnostics.
Composition Managed cluster
Remote access *
Time of service provision 24×7
Service management
Service continuity
Included on-site visits 0

Managed Cluster service requires guaranteed remote access to the cluster provided by the customer to contractor’s specialists.

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Service delivery priorities


Production system shutdown or complete inoperability, unavailability of key functions
Response time:
1 hour
Resolution time:
4 hours


Limited system operation, key system functions are partially unavailable
Response time:
2 hours
Resolution time:
8 hours


System performance degradation
Response time:
4 hours
Resolution time:
16 hours


A problem does not render the system inoperable, a request for information that does not affect workflow progress
Response time:
8 hours
Resolution time:
24 hours

Change request

Creating/changing/starting/stopping services, settings, or entities
Response time:
8 hours
Resolution time:
24 hours

Resolution time does not include time for data recovery from backup copies.

Resolution time does not include time spent waiting for customer response or work start approval (if necessary).

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