About us

Arenadata is a vendor of data collection and storage platforms.

For companies that strive to transform their operations via process digitalization and Big Data analytics.

Who we are

Arenadata was founded in 2016 by former employees of major IT companies Pivotal and Mirantis to build a single enterprise data platform using open source solutions, their own rich expertise, and significantly adapted best practices from Silicon Valley and Europe. Understanding customer needs, goals and ambitions, Arenadata grows fast and in a sustainable manner, with many successfully completed projects contributing to its ever-growing expertise.

Today, Arenadata offers Open Source software products integrated into single Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP), serves world’s major corporations, and partners with leading IT companies, cloud providers, and systems integrators.

Facts and figures

Arenadata is a major Open Source contributor
Total volume of data stored on Arenadata platform by customers is close to 20 petabytes
Arenadata employees regularly receive training from global innovative IT leaders.
Our specialists speak at the largest international conferences, including Postgres Conference (New York), DataWorks Summit (Barcelona), and pgDay Israel.
Specialists from top data-driven companies
Our highly professional support staff can promptly make changes to a product code and contribute to release of new patches, so that a customer has a new version in just a few hours.
Our team consists of the best specialists coming from major data-driven businesses and regularly improving their skills when training abroad and sharing experience with leading global companies.
We cooperate with different businesses and offer several partnership options.

Arenadata and Open Source

Arenadata is an active member of the open source community that helps develop projects of Apache Software Foundation (Apache Ambari, Apache Bigtop, Apache PXF), Yandex ClickHouse and is one of the world’s major Greenplum Database contributors.

Since 2015, Arenadata has been a member of Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPi), the world’s largest community of Big Data Open Source platform developers under Linux Foundation, allowing its employees to join seasoned developers, bring their bold ideas to life, as well as gain international expertise and unbiased knowledge and capability evaluation.

We invite everyone who is interested in contributing to Open Source development to email us at info@arenadata.io with subject ‘Open Source Commitment & Contribution’.

Our partners

Arenadata has a vast and continuously growing partner network that includes leading IT companies, cloud providers, and systems integrators. If you want to be our partner, please take a look at Arenadata Partner Program.
Partner Program

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