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Arenadata for Banking and Insurance

Bank and insurance customers are tired of a one-size-fits-all approach, looking for tailored offers and personalized communication. Customers expect that banks will not just detect and prevent financial fraud but leave no space for it to happen, while always being ready to offer the most convenient services. To meet these high expectations, banks and insurance companies can leverage Big Data and open source solutions. Arenadata’s professionals and extensive expertise are at your service to help you embrace innovations, optimize costs and strengthen your competitive edge.

Arenadata use cases

Our insights and products will help you go digital, provide a versatile offering and satisfy the most demanding customers. You will be able to:
Collect customer data
Gain customer behavior insights
Decrease customer churn
Detect fraudulent transactions
Conduct credit scoring
Divide customers into groups and make customized offers
Streamline branch and ATM operations

Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform

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