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Digital transformation solutions for transport, logistic and courier companies

Implement the most ambitious digitalization tasks, optimize your expenses and strengthen the competitive advantages of transport or logistic company.
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Arenadata Solutions for Transportation

Transport, logistics, and courier services are embracing Big Data technologies and open source solutions to analyze routes, loading space usage, vehicle operation and wear. Data-driven insights allow for significant reduction of operating expenses and profits increase, with Arenadata offering you the best tools for your Big Data journey.

Arenadata use cases

Digital business transformation can pave the way to a completely new reality. Transport, logistics, and courier companies can take advantage of Arenadata products to:
Plan optimal supply routes
Increase your supply chain agility
Enable supply chain visibility
Reduce operating expenses (including fuel consumption)
Adopt predictive maintenance (predict equipment malfunctioning and failures)
Streamline cargo traffic and avoid traffic standstill
Discover unexpected routes
Rearrange routes ad hoc in the event of a force majeure

Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform

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