About us

Arenadata unites a keen team of professionals working and integrating complex information systems for over 20 years.

Lately, we’ve been tackling projects linked with building analytical systems, optimizing data storage, building universal platforms and migrating from traditional databases to distributed storage and processing relying on HADOOP and MPP.

In this time, we have successfully transferred our knowledge and expertise into real-world applications by leading key projects in areas linked to Big Data. Our clients include largest corporations and banks willing to modernize their data storage facilities. We provide the industry’s leading solutions based upon key technologies such as MPP Database, HADOOP and in-memory systems.

Having accumulated enough experience in data storage and analysis, we have started building our own universal data storage and analytics open source platform ARENADATA Unified Data Platform. To present time, we have completed the first stage — Arenadata HADOOP (corporate distribution platform of Apache Hadoop), which has basic data aggregation and storage facilities.

A major success of ours has been the fact that in 2015 Arenadata has been accepted by the largest Big Data open source platform ODPi (Open Data Platform): more info.

In the second half of 2016 our Arenadata Hadoop distribution was certified for compliance with ODPi Run Time Compliant, as announced at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose: more info.

Since that time, all new versions are mandatory tested for compliance with the ODPi specification: more info.

On the Russian market Arenadata Hadoop distribution was widely introduced in early 2017.

In September 2017 our team introduced the distribution of a distributed cluster database - Arenadata DB (ADB), based on the proven Greenplum Database for many years. ADB is central to the data warehouse architecture and allows you to store and process large amounts of structured data. Flexible integration with Arenadata Hadoop and other Hadoop distributions, support for PostgreSQL client software, horizontal scalability and fault tolerance make ADB the best solution for use as the core of a corporate data warehouse.