Arenadata releases Hadoop 3 distribution package

Arenadata has presented Arenadata Hadoop 2.1, a new version of the Arenadata Hadoop (ADH) distributed storage platform distribution package complete with such components as Hadoop 3, Spark 2, Hive 3, YARN 3, HBase 2 and Phoenix 5.

Arenadata Hadoop 2.1 has a number of new functionality features, such as:
  • Arenadata Cluster Manager — a new system of management, deployment and monitoring that makes it possible to install and manage Hadoop services both on-premise and in the cloud;
  • Erasure Coding, a data restoration algorithm that is capable of reducing overutilization of the disk system by 40% as compared to the classic HDFS replication;
  • Hive 3, a database management system that is capable of creating relational tables, record data within them, and use transactions and materialization of representations;
  • YARN 3, a new version of resource manager that makes it possible to control distribution of resources from several clusters across competing applications (YARN Federation);
  • Utilization of static port ranges for Hadoop services;
  • Phoenix, a relational database that is able to solve problems with continuous data flows and data reading.

In addition, Arenadata Hadoop 2.1 has fixed the problems observed in Hadoop 2 and associated, among other things, with data integrity.

For more detailed information about the new functionality of the distribution package, please visit Release Notes.

Alexander Yermakov
Technical Director at Arenadata

“Arenadata Hadoop 2.1 will enable our customers to save resources, manage several clusters more flexibly, and utilize a comprehensive database management system within the Hadoop ecosystem. In the nearest future, we plan to release a number of ADH 2.1 upgrades each of which will come complete with new and improved functionality.”

If you are looking to migrate to Arenadata Hadoop 2.1, please contact our specialists.

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