Arenadata Hadoop 2.1.4. Minor Release Is Now Available

Arenadata has released Arenadata Hadoop 2.1.4, a minor release of corporate distribution based on Apache Hadoop, added with Spark 3 component and External PostgreSQL for Hive Metastore.
Hadoop with Spark 3 component and External PostgreSQL for Hive Metastore.
Arenadata Hadoop (ADH) is an integrated set of corporate-level components based on open-source solutions. The platform includes all the components necessary for data management, access, analysis, integration, security, and administration.

The main purpose of the distribution is to enable handling any data types and formats by combining various technology solutions and data processing architectures.

The Arenadata Hadoop 2.1.4 release comes with Spark 3.1 functionality. Both Spark 2 and Spark 3.1 will be available in Arenadata Hadoop. The two framework versions will run independently of each other.
Alexander Ermakov, CTO, Arenadata
Alexander Ermakov
CTO, Arenadata

“We have finished testing the Spark 3 tools and ensured native integration with other components of the platform. From now on our customers will be able to test Spark 3 functionality and gradually migrate to the new framework version.”

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