Arenadata is developing an OpenSearch-based product

Arenadata has started beta testing of Arenadata LogSearch (ADLS), their new product.

This is a scalable fault-tolerant system based on Elasticsearch open source solution and designed to collect, analyze and process logs.

Arenadata LogSearch can be used in the following two ways:

  • As a scalable full-text search and analysis engine capable of storing large amounts of data and performing near real-time search and analytics.
  • As an enabler for applications with comprehensive functionality and advanced search requirements.
Initially, the Arenadata solution was based on the Open Distro for Elasticsearch project. Now, the company is planning to further develop ADLS based on OpenSearch, another fork of free software search engine.
Alexey Chernokur
ADLS product owner, Arenadata

“Support of open source technologies is very important to us. We are keen to invest our energy in developing new promising products that will be available to the project community without any restrictions. This is why we chose the OpenSearch fork as the new base for our product.”

Now, the first commercial implementation of the new product prototype is underway in one of the largest Russian banks. A full-fledged release of Arenadata LogSearch version 1.0 is scheduled for early October 2021. ADLS will be available in a community version. Enterprise customers will be offered an enterprise version with advanced functionality.

The Arenadata LogSearch near-term roadmap includes:
  • introducing features to meet market expectations
  • implementing service and data security mechanisms
  • developing core metric analysis functionality
  • adding support of domestic operating systems.

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